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Receive the entire amount instantly, no matter how many ways the purchase is divided

With One2split, you have the opportunity to receive all your funds instantly. For you, it will be as if the purchase were made by a single person, while your customers can pool their resources to buy your products.

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Merge different transactions

Bring a real competitive advantage through a simple service

According to market surveys conducted so far, the majority of customers state that in the past year, they have had to split payments among friends or acquaintances. More than 90% have encountered issues when dividing money. With One2split, you can provide an additional reason for customers to choose your website.


Receive your payments at any time with an extraordinary commission

Once the entire sum of money is collected, you can receive it in a single and simple transaction, all with an initial commission of 0% for the first 6 months. This comes without hidden costs and with complete support from us.


compatibile con i migliori metodi di pagamento

Enable your customers to pay the way they want; it won't change anything for you

With One2split, you can give your customers the utmost freedom to pay in the way they prefer. It will be our responsibility to credit all transactions directly to your account.

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