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How to split the expenses of a trip among people

A completely new method for dividing travel expenses in a completely free way without the need to have an account

Mar 2023

Traveling with friends is a great thing, you have the opportunity to share unique experiences that will be remembered for a long time. But if you are reading this article, you have probably realized that organizing a trip with other people can be quite a difficult task. Having to manage everyone's needs and figuring out how to split expenses is quite stressful. Often, you find yourself having to advance money for someone, risking having to chase the other person to get all the money advanced, or hoping to scrape together all the money in time before the chosen hotel is sold out! In short, the vacation is a beautiful thing, but often the organization is not.

For this reason, we at One2split have come up with a solution that can help all groups of young travelers who want to enjoy a well-deserved vacation without having to go crazy behind all the payments to be divided.

Why you should use One2split?

• It's completely free

• You don't need an account to use it

• Each person pays what they owe (without any constraints of any kind)

• Booking information are automatically shared

How to split a payment with One2split?

• Access the link by clicking above

• Provide the link to the hotel/flight/ticket check-out page that you want to purchase

• Chose the amount to pay

• Choose how to pay your share of the expense

• Share the link that appears on the website or even via email with other people

• As soon as the entire amount is collected, the product will be automatically purchased

Try now

What happens if you can't collect all the money?

If you can't collect all the money within 24 hours (max.), or the selected hotel is no longer available, all the collected money will be instantly refunded and a message with the reason for the refund will be sent via email. This also happens if the purchase is canceled by the customers.

Having said that, all you have to do is try it out. You can visit our website by clicking here to find more information about our service and company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at