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The birth of One2split

The idea of creating a service that could assist people in splitting their purchases originated from a problem encountered in the summer of 2021 while attempting to book a vacation home through Airbnb. To secure the reservation, the entire amount had to be paid in advance. Unfortunately, it took too long to collect the total sum, and by the time we gathered the entire amount, the property had already been rented out. This experience sparked the conception of an idea—to develop a free and universally accessible service that would automate, secure, and expedite the process of splitting payment amounts.

One2split development

Our objective

The objective of One2split is to simplify all purchases made in collaboration with others. To achieve this, we have created an external service that operates independently from e-commerce platforms. It allows users to securely purchase products while providing the option to split the cost among multiple contributors, simply by sharing a link. Our service is primarily designed for groups of individuals seeking to automate and streamline the process of collecting funds for various purposes, such as planning a vacation, attending a concert, or giving a gift.

Our Team

Giulio Enzo Donninelli

Founder, CEO

Giulio's photo

Since I was 16, I've been working on projects on Kickstarter, through which I have had the opportunity to share my inventions with over 3,000 people in 123 different countries.

Daniel Pozza

Founder, CTO

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As an IT consultant, I have the opportunity to constantly enrich my skills in the technological field. My passion drives me to continue learning even in my free time, always seeking to explore new horizons in the industry.

The pre-acceleration with B4i

In September 2023, we participated in the 8th pre-acceleration batch in collaboration with Bocconi University. Throughout this journey, we collaborated on the development of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and validated our idea by presenting it to various potential clients, who responded very positively. Additionally, thanks to B4i, we successfully established a partnership with Stripe, which now processes payments for us.
If you wish to learn more about our upcoming objectives, you can see our timeline right below.

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Pre-acceleration with B4i